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This year, MUSSA will be undergoing a referendum to change the student fees collected by our student association. The referendum gives students the opportunity to approve this change.

This referendum proposes that MUSSA will start collecting fees from students that will contribute directly to MUSSA's operation of events and initiatives for Museum Studies students. 

If establishment of this fee is approved, the MUSSA society fee would be $12.50 per session for full-time students, charged to students registered in the Master of Museum Studies program, beginning in the Fall 2024 session.


The voting period for the referendum will be taking place from March 4th to March 9th 2024. 

Students will receive an email on March 4th with information on how to vote through the SimplyVoting portal. 


MUSSA is hoping to establish a society fee to increase the availability and quality of social, professional, and other types of activities for MUSSA’s constituency. This includes more independent and larger scale events than what we are currently offering, such as end-of-year galas, field trips, extracurricular, and social events being supported to a greater extent than previously possible. Doing so would ensure that MUSSA is more responsive to the needs of MUSSA’s constituency, continuing our commitment to represent MMSt and CDP students in all Faculty and social matters as they relate to the iSchool and beyond.


Previously, the Faculty’s Tech Fund was sponsored by MUSSA constituents, resulting in a $20.00 fee per term – the Faculty is assuming this responsibility, and MUSSA will no longer be collecting this fee on their behalf.

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