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  • Sarah Cozzarin

Oh, The Places You'll Toronto

By: Sarah Cozzarin


As September and the start of a new semester begins to draw closer, so does the arrival of new students who have never lived in or visited Toronto. As a museum studies student, you may be instantly drawn towards the ROM and the AGO, which lie steps away from campus and the Bissell Building. Both museums contain large and diverse collections and provide a fun experience. As you settle into your new home and begin to explore the city, remember that Toronto holds a treasure trove of museums, untraditional museums, and non-museum experiences for everyone to enjoy! Whether you are a newcomer, a frequent visitor, or a Torontonian, below you will find a list of 5 places to visit that go beyond the traditional ROM and AGO experience. 1. Little Canada

Little Canada Website, Source

Location: Lower Level of 10 Dundas St. East Price:

Adult (13-64) $29+HST Children (4-12) $19+HST Senior (65+) $25+HST


1. Walking

a. Approximately 20 minutes from Union Station b. Approximately 1 minute from Eaton Centre

2. For the subway, take Line 1 (Yonge/University Line) and get off at Dundas station

3. The Dundas streetcar stops at Yonge St., Little Canada can be found on the northeast corner of the intersection

4. 10 Dundas St. E is connected to the underground PATH, located in the G1 quadrant on the map.

5. Parking is very limited

Description: Inspired by Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, Little Canada was created by Jean-Louis Benninkmeijer, an immigrant to Canada, and Dave MacLean, a civil engineer and model enthusiast. Little Canada seeks to take visitors of all ages through the Canadian landscape on a miniature scale, celebrating and connecting people to Canada. The extreme detail of each destination makes the miniature’s landscape a work of art. The exhibit represents the current landscape by including construction sites and seasonal décor for Christmas, TIFF, Pride, Caribana, etc. Their current destinations include Niagara, the Golden Horseshoe, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec, the North, and more to come! During your visit and for an additional cost, guests can get themselves scanned and have a 3D “Little Me” printed and placed anywhere within Little Canada. Website: 2. Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Toronto

Photo by Can Pac Swire, Source

Location: 1 Yonge St. Price: Changes between Off-Peak and Peak periods

Children (6-16) $24.00 Basic (17+) 34.99 or $44.99 Premium $49.99 or $54.99 VIP $79.99 or $94.99


1. Approximately 11-minute walk from Union Station

2. Paid Parking Available at 1 Yonge St.

3. The closest subway station is Union station

4. Streetcar and Bus stops: a. Queens Quay at Yonge St b. Yonge St. at Queens Quay East North c. Yonge St. at Queens Quay West d. Queens Quay East at Freeland St.

Description: The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit is an immersive digital art experience that brings the art of Vincent Van Gogh to life. The captivating and engaging experience first started in Paris, designed and created by Massimiliano Siccardi. Viewers are engrossed in the projection of some of Van Gogh’s most famous works, including Sunflowers, The Bedroom, The Potato Eaters, Starry Night, and much more! Warning: There are sequences of bright flashing lights that may affect those susceptible to photosensitivity and epilepsy. Website: 3. Museum of Illusion

Museum of Illusions, Source

Location: 132 Front St. East Price:

Adult (16+) $24.50 Seniors (65+) 21.50 Child (3-15) $19.50


1. Approximately 14-minute walk from Union Station

2. Streetcar and Bus stops: a. King St. East at Jarvis St. East b. King St. East at Jarvis St West c. King St. East at Sherbourne St.

Description: The Museum of Illusion provides multiple engaging, innovative, and educational experiences for people of all ages. Exhibits include an Infinity Room, Anti-gravity Room, Vortex Tunnel, Infinity Tunnel, a Rotated Room, and much more! Website: 4. Beyond Monet

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Wikimedia Commons

Location: 255 Front St. West (Metro Toronto Convention Centre) Price: Changes between Off-Peak and Peak periods

Child: $29.99 Adult: $39.99 or $49.99 Student/Senior: $35.99 or $45.99 Premium: $54.99 or $59.99 VIP: $99.99


1. Approximately 6-minute walk from Union Station 2. Closest subway station is Union Station 3. Streetcar and Bus Stops a. Spadina Ave at Front St. West North b. King St. West at John East

4. Parking available at Convention Centre in North and South Building. Other parking available in surrounding area

Description: For a limited time, Beyond Monet brings Monet’s artwork to life through an audio-visual experience that takes visitors on a journey through impressionism. It is a 3-part multi-sensory experience using music, sound effect, and projection. Some of Monet’s works included are Poppies, Water Lilies, and Impression: Sunrise. Warning: Possible sequence of bright flashing lights that may affect those susceptible to photosensitivity and epilepsy. Only available until October 3rd. Website: 5. The Distillery Historic District

Distillery District Heart, Source

Location: 55 Mill St. Price: Free (Unless you buy something) Transit:

1. Approximately 20 minute walk from Union Station

2. Streetcar and Bus

a. Parliament at Front St. East b. Front St. East at Cherry St. c. Mill St. at Cherry St.

3. Parking

a. 33 Mill St.

b. Along Distillery Lane c. 70 Distillery Lane d. 83 Tannery Road e. 40 Rolling Mills Road f. 100 Cooperage St.

Description: The Distillery District opened in 2003 as a mix between Victorian industrial architecture and modern design. It hosts retail shops, restaurants, and several galleries. Though the Distillery District is not technically a museum, it represents part of the city’s history and is a space for art and culture. Several tours are available, including guided walking, Segway, and a haunted tour. A self-guided tour is also available on their website. Website: I hope everyone can explore Toronto and visit one of the places on this list! Luckily Toronto is filled with unique museums and non-museum experiences for everyone to enjoy. If you have gone to one of these locations, please share your experience with us!


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