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iConference 2024

MARCH 16, 2024

The iConference is an annual, student-run conference at the University of Toronto Faculty of Information (iSchool). The iConference provides iSchool students with the opportunity to gain valuable professional development experience by presenting and sharing their academic and/or professional work in a supportive conference setting. This year, our one-day conference will present student research, have a faculty panel, workshops and an exhibition/showcase for students to display physical and digital items for all to see throughout the conference.

WHERE: iSchool Learning Hub (4th Floor, 140 St. George Street, Toronto, ON)

WHEN: March 16, 2024 from 10.00 to 17.00

Do I need to register/get a ticket to attend?: Yes! All current iSchool-affiliated people are given free entry with registration. Fill out our Eventbrite link below!

Can my non-iSchool friends come along? Sure! Partners, friends, speculative iSchool students and the i-Curious can come along! They also need to register at the Eventbrite link, and may attend for $5 (e-transfer or pay cash on the day!).

What's the schedule? See below!

We will be chatting about:

  • access and equity in libraries, museums and the iSchool

  • information service and design research

  • museum professional research

  • rare books and manuscripts

  • archives and records management in traditional and untraditional contexts

  • and so much more!

iConference Schedule


10.05 - 10.50



10.50 -11.30



11.30 - 12.00

12.00 - 12.45

12:45 - 13.30

13:30- 14.15



14.15 - 14.45









16.55- 17.00

Intro to iConference

Presentation Series: EDI + Accessibility

Lenora Huỳnh, Teresa Lau & Panni Ajtony


Presentation Series: Digital Labour

Hongjoo Kim, Annika Nagashima, Jade Wang, Grace Armstrong& Seemin Syed

Showcase display & discussion

Lunch Break

Workshop Period

Presentation Series: Information Literacy

& Sharing

Aleksandar Golijanin, Allie Landy & Julia Costanzo

Presentation Series: The Archives

Isobel Carnegie & Connor White


Snack Time + Break

Presentation Series: Museums

Amy Bridges, Anna Benko & Sophie Langille



Faculty Panel

Professors Galey, Keilty, Kuzminykh, and Stevenson

Moderated by Melissa Vincent


Concluding remarks

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